vejigante masquerador
Handcrafted Vejigante Carnival
Masks from Ponce, Puerto Rico

Beautifully crafted masks for home decoration, gifts, parties,
or simply as a lovely memento of the island of Puerto Rico.
Each unique mask is handcrafted by a certified artisan
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Vejigante Carnival Character
Paper Mache Masks and the Vejigante:
What is the Vejigante? The vejigante (vey-hee-GANT-eh)is a mischievous character that stars in the Carnivals of
Puerto Rico. Traditionally he wears a papier mache mask and a colorful robe. Masks of Ponce, in addition to being
very well crafted, are some of the most wildly artistic masks in the world. Read more about the
Vejigante! Few of the
full-sized  masks can be found outside of Puerto Rico. The process of mask making and the history of thevejigante
can be a fun
cultural activity . In a classroom setting or at home, the art of papier mache can be taught to people of
all ages. Read more about classroom activities for carnival and cultural learning about Puerto Rico!
extra large elaborate vejigante with many horns
purple sea vejigante carnival mask
complicated vejigante mask night spirit
elongated horned vejigante mask
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Puerto Rico Masks
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